Mai Aisha Trust Calls for Project Proposals, Terms and Conditions Apply

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Mai Aisha Trust has called for project proposals from Muslim organization for those wishing to benefit from their funding.

Speaking at the sidelines of Musanet elections in Blantyre on Sunday March 6, 2011, the Mai Aisha Trust’s Project Director, Br. Abdul;Aziz Yassin said that the door is open for all organisations that need funding from Mai Aisha Trust as long as those organisations satisfy Mai Aisha’s guidelines.

“First of all we look at [issues of] empowerment. People should come up with ideas on initiatives that will empower the underprivileged in their communities. When we see that the applicants are being innovative and realistic enough with their project proposals and should we have the [required] funds, then definitely we can come in and assist with the little we have.”

Br. Yassin added that they also look at the human resource capacity of the organizations since Mai Aisha Trust does not provide funding to individuals as that would be a recipe for abuse of the funds.

“Sustainability of the projects is very important,” explained Br. Yassin, “Lets take a look at Musanet, it is a grouping comprised of members from different organizations like Muslim Women Organisation, Kanjedza Sisters and others…assuming that Mai Aisha Trust has stopped assisting it today, they will be able to mobilize [enough resources for]themselves.” said Br. Yassin.

Mai Aisha Trust is a Muslim Charitable organization established in 2002. Its purpose is to empower rural communities to improve their living conditions through different programs.

The organization runs many programs like food security, education, health, skills training, water sanitation, micro-finance, human resource development, printing and publishing.