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It’s Peter Mutharika, Malawi 20 Polls Winner


As highly anticipated, Malawi’s opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) president, Professor Peter Mutharika Professor Mutharika has won Malawi 2014’s polls.

According to  Malawi Electoral Commission, Peter Mutharika; has scooped 1,904,399 (36.4%) seconded by Lazarus Chakwera; 1,455,880 (27.8%) and  Joyce Banda on third with 1,056,236 (20.2%); 13.7%. 

MEC chairperson Justice Maxon Mbendera, revealed that some Commissioners expressed reservations about the results but said the rule of law compelled the us to announce the results.

Mbendera said “the democratic right of Malawians to elect their leaders is sacrosanct and must be respected.”

According to Commissioner Rev. Emmanuel Chimkwita Phiri, out of 7,475,806 registered voters there were 5,288,258 who voted representing 70.78% while 56,675 were declared null and void representing 1.07%.

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