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Abdulaziz Kaisi: Born 28 years ago, did primary level of education at Malomo (Ntchsi), Chididi (NKK), Kanyenda L.E.A(NKK),Kaphatenga (Salima) and Salima L.E.A(Salima) and secondary level at Lilongwe Islamic Secondary School. Currently studying Medicine in Turkey.

To Our Malawi Army, Thank You Regardless of How Late I am

‘Who is your colonial master? ’ asked a middle-aged filling station attendant, ‘I don’t have one,’ I retorted. ‘Of course you have one, must be those so called British or French nobles, ’ he insisted. ‘Mr Aleaddin,’ I said, ‘ I don’t think you exactly know what you are talking about, Malawi gained its independence a couple of decades ago.’ …

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Christmas-like Thing, Being Proposed By Some Muslims To The Malawi Government?

First, I think we all agree that a phrase ‘Islamic Christmas’ sounds weird. If Muslims were ordered (from their books) that they should celebrate the birth of Jesus then the phrase would somehow make sense. Unfortunately, as far as I know, Muslims are not allowed to do that, not because they hate Jesus (May Peace of God be Upon Him) …

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To God, From An Addict Through An Addict

  Zaro stepped into a room. It was a clean and spacious room. It looked well ventilated, its walls looked like were covered with glass. What puzzled Zaro was that the room didn’t have any chairs nor tables but there were people scattered around it. Some people were standing, aloof, in pairs or to the maximum of three. Others were …

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