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10 Ways of protection from Shaytan

The following are ten ways of how we can protect ourselves from Shaytan: 1. Seeking refuge with Allah from Shaytan. Allah the most high said in the Quraan, “And if there comes to you from Satan an evil suggestion, then seek refuge in Allah. Indeed, He is the Hearing, the Knowing.” [41:36]. 2. Recitation of the two soorahs al-Faraq and …

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Have your say on polygamy bill

Government will soon propose bill in parliament which will outlaw polygamy practice saying it plays a major role in the spread of Hiv/aids pandemic. Recent media reports quoted minister of Gender and Child Development, Patricia Kaliati saying despite is a religious and tradition issue, government will not buy that. For all those who are already in polygamy will not affected …

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Ten Oppressors

It is reported that Sufyan ath-Thauri, may Allah have mercy on him said that ten people are regarded as oppressors. The person who prays for himself, but he forgets his parents and other believers. The person who does not recite at least a hundred verses of the Quraa’n daily The person who leaves masjid without performing at least tow raka’ahs …

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These are the deeply embedded ideals of Islam which still bring people to this way of life even though Muslims are not on the best level of Iman today. This is what changed the heart of a racist Malcolm X when he performed Hajj in Makkah. This is the power that brought Muhammad Ali to Islam.

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The Importance of Salah

Salah is the second pillar and one of the most important pillars of Islam. Salah is the key to Islam. Salah is Ibadah or worship.

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