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Idrissa Chirombo

Understanding Ebola Virus Disease

Africa is one of the continents with a largest number of infections. Diseases account for 63 percent of deaths in the African region, with emphasis on HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. A part from these fatal diseases, Ebola appears to be the most dangerous which is spreading at a very faster rate mainly in the West Africa What Is Ebola Ebola Virus …

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Secret world of FBI informants exposed in new documentary

[youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMRns4ViuEY” width=”500″ height=”300″] [quote] “It literally boils down into: ‘If you cannot find terrorists within the Muslim community, make terrorists. Create the terrorists.’”  Yassir Fazaga, a Southern California imam targeted by the FBI, tells Al Jazeera. [/quote] Shady characters recruited by the FBI to spy on Muslims in the United States are revealed in a new documentary, Informants, by Al …

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Press Release: Israel shoots at Al Jazeera’s Gaza Bureau

For immediate use Al Jazeera’s bureau in Gaza has come under fire. Al Jazeera correspondents have collected large bullets from around the building, with other nearby buildings left untouched. No one has been injured. The attack comes after Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s incendiary and threatening comments about Al Jazeera. Al Jazeera spokesperson Osama Saeed said, “The foreign minister’s comments …

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US Ambassador to Malawi Hosts Iftaar for Muslims

US Ambassador to Malawi Jeanine E. Jackson on Monday hosted Iftaar for  Muslims. The Iftaar took place at Hotel Victoria in the commercial city of Blantyre where different Muslim professionals and leaders were present. Making her remarks, the ambassador hailed the cordial relationship which exists between Muslims in Malawi  and the United States of America. Jackson said the US government ensures that …

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Greatest Lessons in the Holy Month of Ramadan

The fact lies on the saying that nothing is for nothing. Even a small termite has extreme importance to a farmer as far as soil fertility is concerned. Allah commanded Muslims to observe fasting in the holy month of Ramadan with the aim of boosting faith and righteousness. Apart from charging Iman, fasting comes with countless lessons that remain in …

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Thousands in Turkey condemn Israeli violence against Gaza in street protests

Ankara, (Today’s Zaman): Thousands of Turkish citizens took to the streets on Thursday night and Friday in various provinces to denounce Israel’s deadly ground offensive in the Gaza Strip. Israel ordered a ground offensive in Gaza late on Thursday after a 10-day campaign of aerial strikes on the coastal strip. At least 20 Palestinians have been killed since the ground …

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