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Chambo Fisheries Asks Government to Invest in Aquaculture

Malawi is currently sailing through troubled waters ranging from poor sales from the country’s major foreign earner tobacco, low yields due to the floods and the prolonged dry spell that hit most parts of the country among others. As the country is grappling with these challenges and looking into other alternative measures Muhammad Ismail Aboo, Industrial Manager for Chambo Fisheries …

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Environmental Expert Tips Government on Power Blackouts

Environmental expert Green Malunga has asked government not to interfere in the affairs of the Electricity supply Commission of Malawi (Escom) if the problems of power blackouts are to improve in Malawi. Malunga who served as the Minister of Energy and Mines in the Bingu administration said problems that we have now is because government has much power in the …

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Opinion: Racist attacks need not to be condoned

Malawi Congress Party Law Maker for Lilongwe North Maxwell Thyolera last month stood up in Parliament where he highlighted a number of good things that the party did when it was in power 30 years ago. On the several positive things which he said is that the nation always had food during the reign of power under the leadership of …

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Rapid Assessment Survey reveals Violation of Labour rights in Tenancy Labour

The Rapid Assessment Survey on the tenancy labour system in tobacco plantations in Malawi which was conducted by the International Labour Organization (ILO) following request by Malawi government shows that there is massive abuse of labour rights by the owners of the estates. The study revealed that there is generally widespread abuse of labour rights of tenants, with some abuses …

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Opinion: Is ICC Fair on African Leaders?

The World has over the past decades filled with conflicts all over. Soon after the end of first and second World wars many countries thought it was the beginning of a new chapter, a chapter of peace and reconciliation but many countries found themselves in new conflicts because of social, political and cultural problems. There has been many genocides and …

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