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MAM Labels Recent Nikkah which took place in Lilongwe, “Bogus”

"Moving forward, there should be an agreement between owners of the Nikkah and Majilis Ulama so as to make sure that things of this kind should never happen again in future. It is painting a bad picture to the religion of Islam. If they don’t follow Sheikhs’ guidance despite the agreement, then no any sheikh should be allowed to bless future nikkahs for that family members including extended families," he said.

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Advice to My Muslim Sisters Regarding Music and Dance

Nikah (walima) ceremonies nowadays are associted with loud music and dancing. There is mingling of men and women and even though the people may sit at different sides, the practice of women dancing in front of women when it is their turn is very abhorring. This advice from a sister in India, and although it is not directly related to our nikah ceremonies, it tackles …

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Revealed: Mangochi Muslims to Grill MAM Chair Over Camera Saga At 2013 Ijitmah

As the countdown continues to this year’s Muslim men Ijitima, which is scheduled to be held in Salima, some Muslims in Mangochi have teamed up in order to grill Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) National Chairman Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad citing his failure to help in resolving the issue of television camera, Malawi Muslims website can reveal. The grouping is discontented …

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There Is No Halaal Political Party in Malawi – MAM National Chairman

Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad has asked Muslims in the country to go en masse to register and vote come 2014 and that nobody should force them to join any political party. Speaking during the official opening of Muslim Women Ijtmah in Lunzu Blantyre, the Muslims’ leader said Muslims have a right to join any party without being …

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Ali Blessings Idi Officially Got Hitched

Ali Blessings Idi is officially hitched! In a ceremony held at Ndirande Main Masjid in Blantyre on Sunday, July 07, 2013, the 27-year-old and Grace Hassan tied a matrimonial knot in compliance of their religious obligations. The nikah was followed by a colourful reception at Chichiri Secondary School Hall. Ali Blessings Idi who is a producer and presenter at Radio Islam and is also …

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National Islamic Ijtma Committee of Malawi Refutes Rumours of Factions

National Islamic Ijtma Committee of Malawi (NICM) has refuted allegations that the committee has divided over who to choose to be guest of honour between the State President Mrs Joyce Banda and former President Dr Bakili Muluzi. On September 5, Malawi Muslims Official Website reported that all members in the committee had initially proposed to invite the State President to …

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