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Opinion: Is ICC Fair on African Leaders?

The World has over the past decades filled with conflicts all over. Soon after the end of first and second World wars many countries thought it was the beginning of a new chapter, a chapter of peace and reconciliation but many countries found themselves in new conflicts because of social, political and cultural problems. There has been many genocides and …

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UN to Agree New Millenium Goals

Organization of Africa Youth (OAYOUTH) is expected to join the leaders from different countries around the continent as they are meeting in United States of America (USA) where new sustainable development goals will be launched. The leaders whose countries are the members of the United Nations (UN) are expected to meet in USA this week for the conference including the …

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2015 Eid-ul-Fitr Prayers May Probably Be Held On Friday 17th July

2015 Eid-ul-Fitr prayers may probably be held on Friday 17th July. Makkah Calendar reports: Most countries of the world will be able to celebrate Eid al fitr 2015 on Friday, 17th July 2015, except a major part of Oceania and a few of the eastern-most countries of Asia. Unlike Ramadan 2015, it will not be possible to celebrate Eid ul …

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Failure of Islamic world in Gaza

The sun never sets and the night never vanishes without hearing news about killings of innocent people in Palestine. Every day Palestinians are being murdered in their own land and this has become normal to our ears. The beautiful city of Gaza in those days has camouflaged into a grave of innocent women and children with its ground turning red …

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