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Umrah Trips in Ramadhan for Female Winners of the Prophet’s Family and Companions Competition

It is now official. Female winners of the prophet’s family and companions’ competition are to be rewarded with Umrah trips in Ramadhan instead of Hajj (pilgrimage). This was announced by Sheikh Muhammad Muaz Nadwi, Principal of Blantyre Islamic Mission and country supervisor of the competition, at a prize presentation ceremony for the winners of the 8th competition held on Friday, …

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Muslim Hands, Malawi Govt Unite for the Needy

Education is said to be a solution to many problems as evidenced in many developing, not talk of already developed countries. Educated citizens contribute to meaningful and sustainable development of their families as well as their countries. However, the standards of education in many African countries are very low. Malawi is no exception. Another challenge which has stagnated in the …

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