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To Our Malawi Army, Thank You Regardless of How Late I am

‘Who is your colonial master? ’ asked a middle-aged filling station attendant, ‘I don’t have one,’ I retorted. ‘Of course you have one, must be those so called British or French nobles, ’ he insisted. ‘Mr Aleaddin,’ I said, ‘ I don’t think you exactly know what you are talking about, Malawi gained its independence a couple of decades ago.’ …

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OSISA invites grant applications for 2016

OSISA invites proposals from civil society, community or state actors from the region for the following programme priority areas:  – Human Rights, Access to Justice and the Rule of Law Democracy and Governance Social and Economic Justice Natural Resources Governance Youth Arts and Culture Women’s Rights To apply, organisations and entities operating and registered in southern Africa need to complete …

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Opinion: Is ICC Fair on African Leaders?

The World has over the past decades filled with conflicts all over. Soon after the end of first and second World wars many countries thought it was the beginning of a new chapter, a chapter of peace and reconciliation but many countries found themselves in new conflicts because of social, political and cultural problems. There has been many genocides and …

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