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MAM Bemoans the Act of Using Islam for Political Gains

"For someone to come open and claim that all Muslims or all sheikhs are behind him or belong to one political party is not true and it is impossible. We are in multiparty dispensation where everyone has the right to join a party of his or her choice,’ said MAM Secretary General Twaibu Lawe.

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To Our Malawi Army, Thank You Regardless of How Late I am

‘Who is your colonial master? ’ asked a middle-aged filling station attendant, ‘I don’t have one,’ I retorted. ‘Of course you have one, must be those so called British or French nobles, ’ he insisted. ‘Mr Aleaddin,’ I said, ‘ I don’t think you exactly know what you are talking about, Malawi gained its independence a couple of decades ago.’ …

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Opinion: Racist attacks need not to be condoned

Malawi Congress Party Law Maker for Lilongwe North Maxwell Thyolera last month stood up in Parliament where he highlighted a number of good things that the party did when it was in power 30 years ago. On the several positive things which he said is that the nation always had food during the reign of power under the leadership of …

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