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How Muslims Fared In May 20 Parliamentary Elections

The Malawi Electoral Commission finally released the results of the May 20 & 21, 2014 parliamentary and local government elections. Reports indicate that there are about 20 Muslims who were elected out of the 192 Members of the august house representing a 10% representation. This percentage is not far from the official Muslim population of 12%, according to the 2012 Malawi National …

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It’s Peter Mutharika, Malawi 20 Polls Winner

As highly anticipated, Malawi’s opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) president, Professor Peter Mutharika Professor Mutharika has won Malawi 2014’s polls. According to  Malawi Electoral Commission, Peter Mutharika; has scooped 1,904,399 (36.4%) seconded by Lazarus Chakwera; 1,455,880 (27.8%) and  Joyce Banda on third with 1,056,236 (20.2%); 13.7%.  MEC chairperson Justice Maxon Mbendera, revealed that some Commissioners expressed reservations about the results but said the rule …

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ICJP backs MEC’s decision on vote recount

The Islamic commission for justice and peace (ICJP) has joined the bandwagon in support of the recounting of votes process to determine the winner of the  May 20 tripartite elections. The remarks have been made by the chairperson of the organization Shaibu Abdurrahman Ajassi. Ajassi said that the only way to move forward out of this elections mess is the …

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Muslim Supreme Council asks Malawians to support winner of May 20 Polls

Muslim Supreme Council of Malawi has asked Malawians to leave their political interests aside and support the winner of the May 20 polls. According to the statement released by the council signed by Imran Katona, Secretary General for the organisation, people should accept the will of the people and let Malawi Electoral Commission do its job. “Malawi is a peaceful …

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Malawi 2014 Elections: a Missed Opportunity for Muslims

On May 20 this year, Malawians went into the polls to elect their president, member of parliament and a councillor. Unlike other past elections, this year’s elections have really been a “game changer.” Like citizens of this country, Muslims too, took part in the elections which though have been marred by several challenges. To the dismay, Muslims’ preferred candidates didn’t …

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MEC Calls for Vote Recount

  Malawi Electoral Commission yesterday announced that it plans to recount the votes in the 30 days. Commissioner Reverend Chimkwita Phiri told reporters in Blantyre that this is following anomalies that have marred the elections. Reverend Chikwita said the commission discovered serious irregulaties enough to warrant vote recount. Among other irregulaties, Chimkwita said in about 19 polling centres, a number …

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